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October 03, 2007

Golgi Apparatus - pack it up and ship it out

i had to post this now, i didn't have time this morning.


ok gross.
my alarm just woke me up from a dream...and right now it seems that blogger is processing through thick cytosol. am i still dreaming? the letters on the screen are being counted out slowly, i'm a line ahead of myself and can't see the typos. its early blogger, i forgive you.

in this dream, mino puts on this movie that bjork made (that doesn't exisit). Apparently I have to see it. She says i'll love it.

The dvd case and the opening scene are filtered blue. its a Thriller set up, inside an 80's work out studio, litterally. bunch of zombies in a blue indoor movie set. glossy floors, hot highlighter colours splashed across the background, its rad and ready to go. but its dark.

the only part bjork had in this movie was to call out action and dance away mysteriously, i seriously think matthew barney took it from there. the first scene for some reason has romantic music, one zombie, infected, surrounded by others. all are dark skinned, our leader is the only one aware of her zombie state. its like interpretive ballet. don't ask.
she has control over her zombie state. impossible.
she delicately chews a piece of face from a dear friend. he doesn't understand. he's infected. she believes she is doing whats best for him. his transformation is what i woke up from.

he freaks out in his mind full of new zombie blood, feels like adjusting to some form of tribal hallucinogenic, he looks at this leader for help and understanding. at this point my eyes are his and as we look up desperately, we get a close up shot of our leaders head, specifially the mouth... another head is unnaturally crunching out from between her distressed teeth. jaws breaking, eyes rolling, bulging, leaking. both heads are about as functional as an Edgar suit, but the presence pushing this to happen is on a mission. i'd guess clive barker could pull this one from his portfolio of pastels.

fucking gross. both heads are amazingly still functional, and both are full of different
information necessary for leader survival as controlled zombie/ human leader.

our victim is revolted by this, and terrified. transformation proceeding he starts throwing up violently, excess zombified liquids.
i hear the sounds of this and feel the muscles stiffen. before i know it, i'm in the zombie leader, whose two heads are watching over this, reassuring him that it must happen. he must see the truth. as my view changes, i'm horrified to see that our zombie man is not only throwing up, but there is a body coming out of his mouth. he's stopped
breathing and is now just convulsing, gurgling and sloshing of body fluids is still being heard.a snake rejectinga meal 4 times its maximum size. special FX spared no expense.
what he eventually squeezes out is an impossibly thin human being. a spiritual guide to him. uncle, he says, i need your help. the emaciated man is so dark he is almost blue skinned, and wearing white. i woke up to my alarm in my dream, as the two parts of a new zombie embraced each other on the floor. the other zombies danced around the whole series of events.

in place of blood, puss and other random imaginative disgustingness, everything was clear or green speckled, thick liquid. rancid alien saliva, like we were made of plant cells instead of animal. nice to know my brain protects me a little bit during sleep.



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