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October 12, 2007

multiple choice

mino quit her job to pour magnificent flammable substances. won't be long before she sets this new trail on fire.
i presented to the class with a fish bandana on my head. calm blue ocean. good mark. its over.
the food pyramid tells you to eat lots of carbs, and very little sugar.
carbohydrates are sugars.

thinks on top:

multiple choice
middle earth

the m's are coincidental, as is the fact that for once, i separated whites from colours/darks.

last night i washed a small red hoodie. It was vintagey red, faded on the inside. Who knew.
today i wore pink jeans and easter socks.

other thinks:

blanket stitch
epithelial tissue
new boots.
mittens (mitten!)
magenta K
painting dots
rachel ann
knee bones
graphic novels

skin is considered an organ.
a student in class today made a presentation, a very bad one, on yoga.
when he was asked what he meant my enlightenment, he stuttered and stopped. froze.
personally i think he should have been prepared for that if you're doing a presentation what started as a spiritual practice in the first place.
oh caca.
to his defence, i redirected some heat.
did you just ask him to explain enlightenment?
we need more than 30 seconds for that one.
haha goes the class. we discussed a little.
after a presentation with a live cat, on how declawing your cat is a wretched horrible cruel gross thing to do to these little bitty babies, isn't that right cleopatra?, a carefully timed 3-5 minutes of enlightenment would have been nice, but a little much for an 8am class...poor cleopatra.

anyway. time to motor to a three hour tour of CMTO, RHPA, HPRAC, and whatever else health standards.



Blogger min_o said...

i won't have some insipid college student telling me that declawing peaches so her fucking talons don't destroy the fabric of my brand new couch is cruel. peaches doesn't even miss them. maybe it's different for cats. actually, usually when you declaw cats, they start to bite.

fyi, leann made me watch the secret with her last week. no comment.

sorry i missed u tonight. i'll call u again soon!

2:10 AM  

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