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June 26, 2009

my dad was always proud of this blog. he printed every post out page by page in colour and put it in a folder "for me". my dad died wednesday. june 24. yesterday was my parents 30th anniversary. i'd say at least they can be together, but who's idea of heaven is the same as their ideas of life on earth? i hope he's somewhere better than 30 years of marriage. although i do hope they got a chance to acknowledge each othe in the spirit world. whatever.
i'm sitting here typing on my brothers girlfriend's laptop. the keys are so springy, its making this post fun. i have my five month old nephew sleeping on my chest in a makeshift baby wrap pashmina so i have hands free. my coffee is cold but delicious. its early for all who were up late processing. the appartment is quiet. the sun is coming through the window in intervals. everytime i look up something new about my dad on facebook or start to get emotional, it shines so bright i have to cover the baby's face. i'm so lucky to have family around me. ...and there's that sunshine.

really didn't see this coming. we all had a chance to give it one last visit, one last phone call before the one i got that my dad didn't show up for work.
get some one to the house, i said. he was complaining of chest pain over the weekend.
another call from a friend who knew both my parents before i was born, and worked with my dad.
kellie, i knew your mom and dad honey, its not like your dad to miss work like this, i've called the police to go check on the house. i'll call you as soon as i hear.
i'm supposed to sit still? this was at ten thirty. by one i still hadn't heard anything so i called her back. the police had just arrived at her work to get information.
furious! that no one had been to the house yet i left work and called greg. i yelled at him to call 911 and hung up the phone. the drive up the 400 to newmarket was automatic but by the time on turned onto davis i was officially not ok to drive. i was also doing 120 in a 70. begging for the police officer i just sped past to pull me over, i saw flashing lights behind me and did just that.


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