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August 11, 2005

The Prashasta Pada

"After a cycle of universal dissolution, the Supreme Being decides to recreate the cosmos so that we souls can experience worlds of shape and solidity. Very subtle atoms begin to combine, eventually generating a cosmic wind that blows heavier and heavier atoms together. Souls - depending on their karma earned in previous world systems - spontaneously draw to themselves, atoms that coalesce into an appropriate body."

August 10, 2005



HeR MouTH HaS SiNCe BeeN SeWN.

FoCuS oN THe uNaWaRe'S,
HaS PLaCeD HeR oN iGNoRe
uP aND iN, BeHiND YouR eYeS

aT FiRST You LiKeLY WiLL NoT See
You'Ve PuT HeR VieWs Too FaR To Be
oBLiViouSLY, WHeN WiLL SHe See?

HeR CHoiCE iS FRee, So eaSiLLY.


August 02, 2005

colour me caca

Thats fuschia Auntie...
If I remember correctly, our first encounter with this favourite was a delightful pair of rain boots. Keeping in mind that 'slip on' to a two year old 'means push your foot in harder!', these boots walked from the bedroom to the kitchen, from pick me up to put me down, from sidewalk to backyard and in again. If we had let them, they would have sloshed their way into the bathtub, I'm sure. Bright bubble gum on the bottom, infused fuschia goodness everwhere else, these kicks were HOT. Laminated superstar, embossed Barbie, we expanded our vocabulary of colours to include not only red and pink, but the brilliant happy medium called FUSCHIA. In the books as Nana's favourite colour and personally my favourite hair colour, I'm proud to see it resonate with my now three year old neice too! We're also learning Teal and Indigo.

So. Long Weekend. Wide open.
hmmm...what to do, what to do...what do you think Bonzai? uuhhh I dunno Shanzi, how bout we rip up the carpet on the main floor of the house and replace it with that laminate flooring we've been looking at...ED?


After three days its almost done. Since we learned about organizing such a mission from previously doing the floor in the basement, we've got this one under control.
In order to finish the job, we've got to head up to New Market to transfer an electric keyboard to it's new home, The Playroom. For a three year old, it means endless entertainment with a place to plug in headphones! What more could a young working mother and the Grand-Papa-Joe day care ask for?

Smooth sailing leads us straight to a rainbow dress in a yellow helmet, moving her Dora bike out of the driveway, running up for a hug. Lifting this reaching monster, she brings her knees in hoofing me in the stomach with a big smile. Man, she's getting heavy. Before ken and my dad move the music inside, they ch-check out my dad's newly aquired motorcycle. The oldschool BMW induced much shop talk. WwooooooOOooOooowwwwW. Letting them chat, I pick up the sidewalk chalk. The blacktop is begging me to decorate. It whispers me to draw a yellow star and sacral symbol, with a heart on top, all outlined with a pretty blue aura. how nice. I chunk my name on the ground and (oblivious to the fact that they've stopped talking and moved the keyboard) I go inside where 'she who is finally potty trained' is pushing keys and asking everyone to dance. Could YOU say no?

Moving on, I laughed when Hollie said she wants to hold 'my Kens' hand instead of mine across the parking lot towards mmmMMcDonalds. Four chicken McNuggets and ten slammin' aligator happy meal games with 'my Ken' later, we're off to the car and heading back to home renovations and Rona for paint chips!


After a careFULL analysis in all lighting, we are proud to present Sir Benjamin Moore in Golden Straw. This will be Benjamins premier performance in our home and we are excited to welcome him! As our beauti-faux new cherry audience settles, anticipation rises.

Live, this is PaintGirl, back to you Auntie.

Thanks to the scientific, generalistic, innovative win/win approach to precision craftmanship, cutting floor boards against his knees and and attempting to calculate trigonometry and angles in his head, my sunshine doll and his sharpie marker have the floor looking GrrRREAT! Realistically speaking its amazing what you can do when you really do have all the right tools. Even I was measuring and cutting at a 1:1 ratio. But, alas I prefer to arrange, organize, deligate, snap in, clean up, make lists, and make lunch. What a team we have. Command and Execute. haha.

I should mention that along with our flooring adventures, we managed to also go swimming, attend traditional chinese dinner, install with Aladdin, lay out the next four weekends, shop at home depot, slice and juice watermelon, spend some quality time with eachother,the Djinn and Jesus watching Wes Cravens' Wishmaster and the Passions of Christ, half configure a laptop, visit my dad, replace the dryer vent, do laundry, visit yee ma, prep and roll maki sushi, snap some pictures, and let the puppy make the pee pee outside.

Tonight Ken takes Khan to graduate obedience class! I also have class, carol comes in from hong kong tomorrow-we pick her up at six. class thursday, friday we swim! this weekend is open for finishing up renovations. i have to wait all week to paint! it hurts. Kens parents are in sept.2...the list goes on. roger roger.

Ca Command out.

how was everybody's weekend?