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March 03, 2007

The only reason I got up for work today was to wear cowboy boots with a skirt on a saturday.

had i known i'd be dancing damage control between Alfred Sung and a fellow weekend worker, I would have dressed the part. but then, those boots are made for walkin'. and thats just what i did.

i gave up the fight early for a day that started off with my lime leather gloves being bottom bag snooped out dog snacks for dax. previously breathing in and out a borrowed wool sweater returned hollie sized and walking into a painting i was working on now watered down and smudgified beyond 5 year old belief, i was primed to keep the peace.

i can't handle any more anxiety, especially over an angelic artificial orchid arrangement and a discount. for the love of FUCK someone just give the man his 10%...how do you spell authority when your manager resigned yesterday? you P-A-G-E really loud through the whole showroom so that the other managers
call you back right away to yell at you, and oh...look at that...give you permission to process the paperwork. I can't take credit for that but it was damn funny...and incredibly effective*.

*I have to say that in doing everything in elte policy first, second and third, this was an end of the rope last resort. saturdays are busy. I'm just happy to say the situation ended well and i'm a lazy bridge of communication. i processed nothing and walked away from the wrapping waving goodbye with a smile.