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September 23, 2007

Sock Puppets and Studying

I'm waiting for a phone call. I think someone else i know has died, but all-mighty facebook tells me about what happened to this person is word of wall that it was shocking and unfortunate. Give me a call, it says. With all due respect, I wonder if the universe will deliver a story more interesting than death. I'm bored of the bruises from beating this subject around the brain.

It seems appropriate that i started the day studying psychology at starbucks. It also seems I have a hard time compromising. i was one of ThOSe customers who asked for a special french press. Good thing they know me, and i have common sense enough to guage how far i can push a busy line on a sunny sunday morning.

A) Inappropriately dissecting 3D thought bubbles one dimension at a time B) Without concluding to commit brutal bubble massacre transversely, violently and repetitively seems impossible.

i must study, stuff, stitch and remain sane.
and i will.

i'm going outside.