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April 27, 2007


this is how much money i'm allowed to make per year in school. 800 a semester and something like 50 a week. i submitted my application today after having financial assistance at the campus i'll be going to look it over with me. while i'm at work i imagine what it would be like to greet people with my feet and show them around walking on my hands. toss them a cushion with my big toe, how about this one?
i'm feeling ridiculously left out regarding any social life i ever remember having, only to know that i'm going to be farther and farther away in the near future. a girl i work with won a weekend in vegas. all they had to do was go to some 90 minute seminar and they were too lazy to go. fuck i'd eat silk worms to go to the dessert for a weekend. i find it harder and harder to communicate with people i haven't seen forever, its all hollow conversation, and not the good kind maynard whispers. the kind with zero follow up that ends up in sloppy banter back and forth that echos of i just met you small talk. i'm not in a wooden house in the hills or anything but frustration is compiled, complete and without sounding like a total victim, i'm done trying to keep up.

April 08, 2007

Easter Snowday

The snow is getting to me, but the coffee is still good. The birds of paradise my sister brought home for Easter are an incredibly welcome contrast to the falling snow outside. actually, now that i'm looking its pretty surreal. The snow is falling straight down, and in every other active stripe as i'm looking through vertical blinds peeked open to let the morning through. We're waiting for the almost 5 year old to wake up for the easter bunny, i'm surprised...ha, and as i type, here she is. gotta run! Happy Easter!