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November 26, 2005

Rabbit and the Snow

let it snow
let it snow
let it snow

this is the first calm falling of fat frozen flakes of the season. the drive in to work was clear and for once the radio wasn't radio friendly. It was acoustic.
I sat in the car today, parked at the side of the building i work in and listened to Bono and his guitar sing Stay, live in toronto with a vibrant crowd. Appreciating the fact that the coffee i picked up on the way in was still hot, it was nice to have some reflecting time before working on a saturday. I thought of my family (who is re-visiting arizona for american thanksgiving, missing this snow right now. I hope you geeks check this out and the blowdrying heat treats you well.) i thought of my friends and the people we're all going to turn out to be. happy visiting, happy job advancing, happy party planning, happy baby watching, wedding planning, shoe shopping, car buying, show going, line dancing, dog walking, cake baking...
Happy whatever your doing today, treat yourself.

oh, and

don't go riding in the snow

November 25, 2005

November 24, 2005

Riddle me this.
Why do designers think they can pull off one peice black spandex mini dresses with hot pink vinyl circle halves accenting boney legs and knee high boots. I saw one yesterday with shiney black penny loafers and black and white stripey socks. and a bright red jacket. an older woman came in today in tiger pants..roooOOoowrr...they looked like those leather hide rugs. only pants. her hair was so shiney. i remember thinking wow, this woman is like 87 and she has a full head of the shiniest, natural ash blonde seeming hair i've ever seen. its so weird when you think someone is maybe 35 from behind, and twice that when they turn to greet you with barely a smile.

a new girl started today, she worked next door at the furniture store, got married, took some time off, wanted to work here, badda boom she knows the people badda bing she's here today. her name is MiMi and i can practice cantonese with her. today our stunning polish accountant margaret said than kyou to me in cantonese, polish accent cantonese. languages are fun. where are the russians?
zaftra no robotu, za hibize...

its 5pm, its been snowing, it looks windy. my phone is charging and the real versions of songs from the moulin rouge soundtrack are on the radio right now.

November 19, 2005

so the world goes round and round with all you ever knew,
They say the sky, high above is Caribbean blue.

If every man says all he can,if every man is true,
do I believe the sky above is Caribbean blue.

If all you told was turned to gold,if all you dreamed were new,
imagine sky, high above in Caribbean blue.

November 16, 2005


I've been assigned a task. INVOICES. White copies alphabetical, Yellow copies numerical, Pink copies to sales people, Goldenrod to installers, customers are gifted with Puse. Puse? Puse.

I have compressed myself into a little green ball with arms, legs and one eye.

If that doesn't sound wondrous enough, the computer system used to enter said invoices was developed in the days of commodore, seemingly before they invented the mouse. there is no Click, there is no Close. Only a medieval army of tab, tab, enter, enter, F8 doth exist. They live in the land that DOS built. I kid you not.*

*See above image.

Why don't we just bleed our paper work you ask? Because we'd like to imagine a Monty Python skit instead. Come back and fight! My dignity is outdated, but I can crash three times in 5 minutes running windows 98 AND I carry the blinking cursor of chaos! *blink* *blink* *blink*

I have been spoiled, surrounded by 'the technological know'. I had no concept. The radio was unplugged this morning. You have to 'reach around' to plug it in. I said we tried to 'get it on' this morning by accident. Nothing. At least I know I can still entertain myself. Where for art thou oh fellow tainted minds? I miss you.

I miss the MAC. I miss the bad jokes. I miss the music. I miss the pornographies!

November 12, 2005

take in your coffee, swirl your leaves of jasmine green, its saturday morning everyone.

I started mine getting up for work, traffic is non existant on a saturday morning before 8. Cup holder full, i rockabilly'd with The Cramps all the way in to the city. This day will be better than yesterday, and it started last nite.

I walked into the house after a day of constant battles and heavy traffic to a smell of something warm and cozy cooking. mmmMMmmMMMmm....
Ken had the day off, so he decided to cook. and bake. and clean.
Jazz music in the background, he greets me at the door on his way to check the roast in the oven. Cranberry pork roast. are you serious? Yep, let me heat up the gravy. Gravy is in a pot on the stove ready and waiting, cloves and all...baby potatoes and brocolli done. It was amazing....at least one of us can cook. (He says its like math, you just have to follow the formula, follow the rules...thats harder for some people :P) so of course, whats a christmas-like dinner without dessert. I should have known there would be a home made cheesecake chilling in the fridge. of course there is.

with a tribute to remembrance day, we watched bruce willis in Tears of the Sun and had dessert in the living room. I swear, sometimes I wonder how i have the right to complain about anything, ever...except for the fact that i forgot the left overs for lunch on the kitchen table.

Tomorrow is my day off. Inspired by this crazy dinner, I will attempt to create some thing good for dinner. Cook something new today, all of you. Just try!

ha, i also found a new book on the coffee table. its called getting things done. it has this guy in a business suit on the cover, and big bold blue writing. In the first three pages it compares your thoughts to RAM and i started laughing out loud. not only at the fact that this was a computer based self motivation/strategy of life guide, but at the fact that right next to it on the table is the Introduction to Ken Wilbur. if any of you are familiar with that you will note the irony. or the balance. you decide. either way i wanted to make a coffee table collage with my tria markers and sketchbook, cd's on the sidetable and some grape licorice strings.

have a wonderful day dahlings,
caca carpet seller

November 11, 2005

dogding arrows
slinging true
train of thought
kerchunking through

fade in
fuzz out
shake the walking stick about

conscious spirit
water flow
blinking eyes
get up and go
catching arrows
talents new
piercing strengths
supporting you

November 10, 2005

Milkyway Mudders

I remember a time of reciting one book out loud as many bedtimes as i could. Last night i read it again, with some help turning the pages. There's just something cozy about pink pajamas and feet taffy blue. your own voice grounding familar words, making you sleepy.

I watched this dumb episode of law and order with ken and tom before ï went to bed... early. after an episode of csi, tv just got too...yucky. i found my forhead knotted, and my breath held in my stomach without realizing. maybe i'm just sensitive to drama. ha. law and order was about this woman who stole a baby from a young teen mother who was found murdered. this was her second attempt at baby theiving. since i left early i didn't get to see the mystery solved but i don't care. people suck. either way i was completely disturbed by the scene in which this woman gets caught with the 5 day old baby she kidnapped. her husband, of course, is away all the time working over seas...turns out she had miscarried at 7 months and was traumetized, never said anything, the husband had come home to think this baby was theirs. The police take the baby and arrest her, the husband has no clue whats going on, and this woman is just going nuts. it was this horrible horrible scene of empty despair, powerful movements of distraught hands and faces. depressed and crazy at her childlessness, our kidnapper only thought to give this child a better life. whats really crazy is that something in me obviously identified with her and her lack of little one because it really upset me. Of course at some point i want kids, the legacy of something, little personalities to mess with, teach them to heal the world and how things grow. It will be interesting to see what little soul needs to learn some bazzare lessons this lifetime. My mind started knitting and internal dialogue took over. it sparked this careful ticking that everyone talks about, i'll be 27 soon and i don't want to be one of these 35 year old moms with a two year old. i mean how much time do we really have? take that, mix it with an incredibly thunderous rainy day, 3 parts "all my friends have one", add warm water and glaze it with i want my mommy and its a good thing you've got the bach rescue rememdy bedside table. no baking required. I think the point is, this is exactly why i don't watch a lot of tv. oi. i don't smoke, i don't do drugs, my body allows me only to take alcohol in thimbles at a time, and now its telling me i'm too sensitive to watch tv. I need to get out more. lets get it together auntie, its ok to nurture instincts. in another time i would have 5 kids by now. Had I been barren, i'd be cast out for being a witch.
moving on, i can't wait to dress my kids like tribal rugs and see if it scars them for life. If anything it will spark the creativity gene, give them something to love or hate. either way, I'll be laughing.

It was my brothers birthday yesterday, so to celebrate he went to see Coheed and Cambria. I haven't heard the show review from him yet, and the only thing i can see him having an issue with is the fact that it went from a more intimate show setting to the Docks. apparently these guys are in high demand in the T dot, so they sold an extra block of tickets and went bigger. hopefully no one got beats from the boomstick.