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September 22, 2005

Agent Orange

...he's my favourite, yeah

I hung my head and licked my lips to the taste of pumpkin syrup in a spiced latte from starbucks this morning. PuMPkiN. sadly starbucks. i know. can't wait for the winter season to celebrate the Gingerbread Joe.

~HaPPy FiRSt dAY Of FaLL~

cheers you guys!

September 21, 2005


If it is a proven fact that the moon afffects water, the ocean, her tides, then is it safe to say that it affects us as people? I mean being mostly water ourselves how could it not? This is either:
a) just one of my many beliefs
b) a desperate reason to explain a series of unbelievably clumsy actions
c)a reason to blog
d)all or none of the above
There has been some bloggy with-drawal y'all, but no matter how long i'm away, i'm really not that far away. Like min-o i feel like i've got nothing but boring on my mind. I went to the art exhibit in Trinity park on sunday, walked queen and shaw, to university and back, had some chocolate therapy ice cream-ben and jerry's-HIGHLY recommended, but thats a whole other blog. i was with my friend leann over the weekend, we went to a place called Easy for breakfast, and she said, oh kel i took pictures of 'Joe' for you. at that statement, we took some more. I must have mentioned it to her once, offhand i don't even remember, most likely a mumble of sorts. but it was a comforting thought that random shots of java were still being applied. i like it. i haven't figured out how to post a link yet, otherwise this blog would be full of paths to the artists i spoke to on sunday. it felt so good to feel a sense of home with myself again, to feel like a fish out of water, being that 'out of water' is considered a natural aquarian habitat. who wants to be a fish who can't fly anyway?


The need for new music grows strong. nothing heavy, not main stream-esque, something halfway to chamber music meets african enchanted puppet shows.
I am honestly somewhat indifferent to the fact that Tori composed and perfomed a song specifically for dutch designers Viktor and Rolf's ready to wear fashion show in Paris...but compeletely intriqued by her crimped hair and arm flab at the same time. i love tori. but these guys are creepy little monkeys. Coincidentaly the last time i saw tori was in toronto under a fleshy pink moon who felt so close you'd think she wanted a seat at the show...instead she acted as the only spotlight needed. I danced barefoot (kinda gross) at the back of the amphitheatre in awe of how the others could be surrounded by the same unavoidable energy and sit still! since yin and yang are androgenous it would simply be politically incorrect to apply a comparison.

I fully believe that life without art (and this goes for engineers too) is the dutchess gone pigless...it makes no sense. and that, my dears, is absolute.

Soak it up kids, you sure do got a perrty mouth.

auntie kaw

September 02, 2005

march of the pigs

lhong-ahn . wheres khan . sitting spun . heated tongue . fire fall . dear doll . throw bricks . pale tricks . follow bliss . sun kiss . listen long . assimilate this . doesn't it make YOU feel better . the pigs have won tonight . everything will be alright .