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April 03, 2006

corn water, corn water, mitten noodle soup

"Objects have their own passive lives which they've soaked up from the situations they've been in," says Svankmajer. "All that remains is to find the key that will make them talk."

blackened ink
an Alice drink
a statement here
is on the brink.
of tragedy and rabbitry
how DO you think
OH whats the key
sweet chickapea
insanity leads numbingly?
oh woe is me, a hamster tree
what IS this pocket watch.

breathing baby scream aloud
repentant swine OFF with this shroud.
you wobble
down a winding
case, of stairs your
mind fights to erase...
is spirit breaking with the plates?
this puppetry
is stitching me
to Mad.

delightfully and absolutely,
deafening and striking mutely
dreamy strings hold nothing here,
extremeties grow tired.
it waits for you to fall severly,
slain; to darkened eyes is merely
mutilation captivated,
seeking answers all inspired.

so when you come alive again
please share your sawdust with a FRiEND
run clear of bones, don't make ammends
you are the key
the end.

"Consequently, collapsing clay heads and stray eyeballs figure prominently."