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July 28, 2005

elephants on parade

OMG i turn around for two days look at you guys! I feel that commenting on previous comments would be way to long to leave in said comments field so i'm just going to write.

mr. frost...what if its a big bellied piggy i'm walking with, will that freak you out too? or perhaps i'll carry a belly as a handbag, one cast of plaster of paris, or paper mache (eh?)...or a big belly made of bubble wrap...now that would be fun. no punching it though..sorry kids. Point is it would benefit you to take things more liberally as opposed to the literal "Just like a woman"...

now min-o, although it IS appropriate to poke fun around here, it is however NOT appropriate to encourage possible death threat scenarios you bitch, and if you do it again i'll...have to thank you for saying such nice things around the bloggidy parts. you're beautiful dahling, you'll have YOUR ten little half chinese retro/goth/pop/artist INDIE kid rockstars, you can all be musical like the partidge family!

sing ca kettes and oubliettes, a frog hops striped and green.
of marionettes and scary-onettes, both anxious to be seen.
you never know what they will be,
they hide their purpose cleverly,
oh sing ca kettes and marrionettes, and scrub your elephants clean.

from here on in, you're all on parade.

July 26, 2005


ok, consider this a productive alternative to downtime.
I've been working on my resume, due updated for a class i'm taking. i didn't realize just how much i let the professional jargon slip from my mind.its crazy, i've been trying to get it in order for days, and maybe its just me being way too detail oriented (occupational hazzard or just plain obsessive behaviour)but either way, its coming along great!

This past weekend was filled with a great saturday nite date, family, friends, fun and games. literally. the kind of games that leave a string beads around your neck and whisper "now don't say B-A-B-Y."
i got to keep my beads, but didn't win any one elses. its bazarre when all your friends start to get married and have kids. for no reason at all this little pressure bubble floats around and makes you slightly more aware of where you are in your significant time line. it doesn't matter what you see for yourself or what you want...you just start to think.
houses and babies and ten year plans...
right now you're making a face that will dead on give away your opinion on all three of these things.

hmm...i'm loving one step at a time with my doll, the dogggaayyy and a house full of family that might as well be my own. all things in their own time. seemingly domesticated sure, but you never know what we'll pick up and do next! so many personal adventures, (and quick internet renovation fixes...measure once, cut twice)
its amazing how much life has changed. I've found myself surrounded by positivity, creativity, some painful "logic" lessons, lots of love and even more hugs. see? all about the love.

my dad came over to the house on saturday to pick up his motorcycle helmet, he was going to check out a bike on sunday...i wonder how he did with that. my dad has been riding since he was 18, taught the motorcycle training course at humber college for a few years...he's so little its funny to see him hop on these big bikes and just pick up and ride. Ken will be a pro by the time the weather turns cool and next spring it'll be me learning. haha...maybe i'll start with a scooter.
nothing vespa though, thats for min-o and her vintage lilac.
(maybe we can find you a cute little helmet when we get to hong kong...)
if powerbar and i don't make it out there in january, that means we'll be moved out and settled for a trip next year! so on a moving forward basis,(there's that jargon)
i feel the force...a path. I don't need to see it clearly, i already know its there. there's a path for everyone and their wookie. there are people and places waiting for us. keep moving and share your stories! on blitzen, on donner...on satan..er..Santa!

love and light,

may you all have the courage to see and follow your path...and 'out indie' eachother.

hide and seek

it's 11am and cloudy, the rain stopped and i'm sure the humidity has let up a bit. its one of those days that warrants walking down the street indepentantly on a mission with no real mission, really craving a cigarette though you quit three years ago. oblivious to other people as people...moving, but no different than that peice of paper blowing across the street. you walk past them like the world is put on slow motion, you'd have to ask twice if someone actually stopped to ask you something.
...sunglasses on because although the sun is resting, its still unnaturally bright. Queue the muggy air to create the temporary effects of a hangover headache. its been a while, but i still remember. On the happy side of indifferent - if there's a word for that i'd endulge enlightenment - imogen is singing to me, a song called hide and seek. just her voice and some added effect that makes it sound slightly distorted, like a flanger and a guitar or pushing the piano pedals (not that i can pretend to know anything about music and her effects...technically speaking.) my friends outside the window are waving their leaves again, gently encouraging some thoughtfullness so i thought i'd better honour that.
in with the love, out with the jive. today is a good day to let it go...run, be free!

i'll most likely read this in another hour and post again in my own defense.
...hippies with mood swings..such fun you know. sounds like a yin day to me.


July 22, 2005

bonne weekend!

omg will this day ever end? its like the count down for santa (or cultural equivalent) for all those who believe. its not a bad boring holy crap i want out of here day..its pseudo-sugar-high get me ready for my wide open weekend thing. Seems the time you have minimal plans for gets filled up the fastest because you all of a sudden have 'time' to get EVERYTHING you've wanted to do, done. Yeah right. Isn't that just positive programming for get overwhelmed without a plan and start 30 things you won't finish 'before your birthday'?

out came the sun this afternoon and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider is ready to go. I've been trying to do some updates in resume land..we all have to do it sometime. only i'm finding it difficult to hype up a job that for the most part, I'm not allowed to talk about due to contract, content, rainbow tape...pick a colour. not that you can't stretch the truth or bend the rules, but that takes focus that i've used up already...on staring at the trees outside, past the bars on the basement window i work under, i mean blogging, I mean tracking email and such work realted tasks...uuuughg TGIFF.
one thing for sure, the superman blue carpet and silver trim are stimulating, yet easy on the eyes.

here's me wishing you all a very happy, very creative, find time to do something you've been putting off (nature induced, imaginary or SUPERnatural) kind of weekend.

a demain, a tout a l'heure,

le Kaw

July 21, 2005

enter stage right

Aloha everybody, whoever you may consist of...
driving in this morning i decided i love working in liberty village. okay maybe not the working part, but the break from working that allows you to step outside and breathe in the green of the trees...and the condo construction dust. its a lovely habbit of mine to match everything good i say with a the contradictory not so good, today i'm gonna keep that under a different hat.

So hitting the streets i ran into a girl. The chain she held lead your eyes to a giant silver pit bull with the biggest fattest skull i've ever seen, the whole head was divided by his massive mouth...tongue hanging out in the heat, he blinked at me while i rubbed his little piggy ears. he was so soft and shiney...moving on, a tiny four legged blonde bullet ran past me...i think they call them pugs, but when they're that little i think they deserve a completely different name. I'd be happy to read comments on that. it had a little black nose, a tail and a snort...and it made my day. Also, i find it absolutely hilarious that in the middle of down town toronto, i can run into friends wearing bohemian skirts and flip flops telling me about how they bought honey sticks from the market, the outdoor all organic market of course. we're such hippies. I mean i know thats the trend at the moment, and sure alot of it is genuine personality, but being around here is like being on a movie set sometimes, its very surreal...maybe it was just a perfect sunshiney day yesterday. all this ranting and natural awe of sunshine happiness its no wonder i never did drugs. I never had to.

We went swimming last nite at the rec center after i took my litte ju dzai for a walk. the pool was packed full of kids and adults...babies and volley balls, not to be mistaken for eachother. after summersalts and dolphin kicks, water up my nose and a few laps of dogge paddle, i treaded water staring at a clock with four extra timing hands in red blue green and yellow. once you're eyes blurred out from the chlorine it looked like a windmill. only it tells time and doesn't power anything.
i had a great sleep, great morning, ken rev'd up and took the motorcycle to work today for the first time, it was something like watching your kids go on the first day of school. He leaned in for a kiss (helmet on) and i smiled to myself as he wobbled off the sidestreet and took off solid for the highway. You go doll, you go.
I, however, got the cd player all to myself for a good 45 minutes in what turned out to be pretty fantastic flowing traffic...joe enjoyed the music from the cupholder beside me.

so school tonite, should be as enlightening as ever. no that wasn't a dry sarcastic attitude. to be honest the teacher is amazing, the class is great. its a business class with an edge i can relate to so it should prove to be not so boring. there is the aspect of the statistics and marketing, but she presents it in a way that almost draws pictures of everything in your head for you. and not chart pictures, squiggly pictures you have no trouble remembering. Its very bazarre. I'm telling you for something i started out of my own personal interest i've really gained alot from these courses.

in closing, i apologize for my absense (not absinthe) and i shall try to become more blog like..since its very hippocritical of me that i coaxed a few of you into this and then blogged out myself.

don't forget to brush
(teeth, dogs, body hair and artwork)

K to the e-l